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ICE.TCP Troubleshooting Guide

ICE.TCP is J. River's terminal emulation software that connects individual PCs to UNIX systems through local area networks. ICE.TCP has been superceeded by ICE.TCP-Plus The following archival information is for legacy unsupported 16 bit versions of ICE.TCP (versions older than 4.4)

  1. General
    1. Upgrading from the Trialware Version
    2. Fatal ICE.TCP Configuration Error 999
    3. ICE.TCP and Novell Netware
  2. Installation
    1. Can't Access IP Packet Type. The Packet Driver is not Loaded
    2. Stack Overflow Error Occurs, Aborting Installation
    3. Assigning a Sequence Number
  3. Emulation
    1. Screen Doesn't Clear When ICE.TCP is Activated
    2. ICE.TCP Loads, but will not Pop Up
    3. Garbage Appears on the Screen, System Freezes at Login.
    4. Screen Hesitation
    5. Pause Appears Mid-Screen Using SCO Open Server 5
    6. Dejawint Locks up the Computer
    7. Slow Login with IBM AIX
    8. Error Can Not Load File 4370.fon
  4. File Transfer
    1. Trouble with ftcopy
    2. Transfer a 20 Megabyte File Aborted by ftcopy
    3. Ftcopy isn't Working in Windows
    4. Scripting
  5. Printing
    1. Problems with ICElp for Windows
    2. Problems with HOSTP for DOS
    3. Nothing Happens When You Try to Print
    4. HOST Printouts are Broken or Altered
    5. Problems with Personal Print for DOS
    6. Problems with Local Print
  6. Winsock Errors
    1. Winsock connect failed
    2. Winsock cannot allocate a socket
    3. Winsock not installed or does not support version 1.1

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