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Technical Support Options

Products Supported

J. River, Inc. provides technical support for current versions of the following products:

ICE.TCP Pro All Versions
ICE.TCP.PLUS All Versions
ICE.TEN Version 4.7 and Higher
ICE.OFF.SITE Version 3.0 and Higher

Online Support

J. River provides unlimited access, 24 hours a day, via our online support services. These services are free of charge to all J. River customers and business partners and provide you with technical and product information, FAQ's, company information, and upload and download areas.

When posting to our ICE support forums please provide:

  • A complete description of the problem.

  • The J. River software package you are using and its version number

  • The operating system you are using for both the PC and the UNIX machine.

Web Support Home: ICE Support Home
Support Forums: Online Forums
File Transfer Protocol: ftp://ftp.jriver.com/pub/TECH.SUPPORT/

Standard Technical Support

With each registered product, J. River provides you with FREE telephone support for 30 days after the date of purchase with a valid J. River invoice number or faxed invoice from your dealer or distributor. If you are beyond the 30 days from your initial date of purchase, technical support for ICE products is available at a rate of $2.00 per minute with a minimum charge of $20.00 on your V/MC. You may also contact your dealer or distributor for ICE product support or check the free Online Forums.

The telephone number for J. River Technical Support is +1.612.677.8200.

The phones are staffed from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Central Time.

Before you call, please check the version number of the J. River software package you are using.

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