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Connectivity for Mid-Sized Networks




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ICE.TCP PLUS 32-bit connectivity for mid-sized networks. Designed for dependability and depth. This connectivity package includes SSH compatibility, Linux emulation support and direct print capabilities, as well as our new easy-to-use licensing procedure.

Best solution for the best price ICE.TCP PLUS offers the best value in the industry. Call your local distributor now for a free price quote.

Simplified licensing for effortless install and upgrades.

Terminal emulation types include SCO ANSI Color Console, Linux Console, AT&T605, VT100/102, VT220, IBM3151, AT386 ANSI Color Console (standard ANSI), Wyse60, and Wyse160. (including bitmap graphics modes).

  • Color is standard in all emulations, including Linux/UNIX setcolor sequences and ANSI color. Default colors may be selected by the user. 
  • 80 or 132-column by 25 or 43-line display. 
  • Multiple sessions with Linux/UNIX hosts. 
  • Attributes (terminal emulation, screen colors, function keys, and editing keys) can be set for each host. 
  • International character sets and keyboards are supported. 

SSH Compatability ICE.TCP PLUS supports SSH version 2 connections.

Bi-directional printing ICE.TCP PLUS offers multiple advanced printing methods. You can print from Linux/UNIX to network printers or from Windows to Linux/UNIX printers.

32-bit support ICE.TCP PLUS is fully 32-bit and delivers best performance for Windows 200x, XP, Vista and Windows 7-11.

ICE.TCP PLUS includes auto-connect and auto-login. Auto-connect initiates a connection to a specified host. Auto-login securely stores and sends the user's login and password.

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