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Our job at JRiver is to help you solve your networking problems.   To do this, we must conform to emerging standards as well as invent new ways to network computers.

We know that JRiver must provide the one-on-one service you need to solve these connectivity problems.  Each problem is different and every problem gets our full attention until it is solved.

Jim Hillegass

Since 1982, JRiver, Inc. has helped business customers throughout the world make the most of emerging information technologies. Our products include network connectivity, Internet, and E-commerce software.

Combining technical expertise with a commitment to traditional business values, JRiver develops products that are both innovative and focused on customer needs. We've earned the loyalty of more than two million users and built an extensive international network of distributors and resellers by delivering products that are quick to install, easy to use, reliable, and affordable.

Businesses turn to JRiver for clean, simple solutions they can rely on to make connections ... with information and resources, new opportunities, and each other.

In 1987, JRiver developed ICE.TEN, a software product that enabled a PC with a serial connection to emulate terminal devices and access data stored on UNIX systems. ICE.TEN was powerful, yet simple, allowing a user to switch between a PC and the open architecture of UNIX with a single keystroke.

ICE.TEN set the standard for terminal emulation, and JRiver quickly expanded on the initial concept with innovations such as support for network and remote connections (ICE.TCP Pro, ICE.TCP,  and ICE.Off.Site), full Windows compatibility, enhanced printing capabilities, and easy file access (ICE.NFS).

JRiver is committed to improving the ICE family of products and developing new products that give businesses access to the extraordinary power of computing. Our goal is to deliver value to our customers by building enduring business relationships and providing products that are easy to use, reliable, and affordable.

Jim Hillegass, founder and CEO. Jim has 30 years of experience developing and marketing software products. A graduate of Princeton University, Jim began his business career in 1958, when his family established Cliff's Notes.

Matt Ashland, CTO. An accomplished programmer, Matt leads a strong team of Developers to maintain existing solutions and to build industry-leading software for the future. He is a true innovator and problem solver.

For many industries, research and development leading to technological innovation is the key to building a competitive advantage. In the development of connectivity products, R&D requires both talented personnel and a significant investment of time and technical resources.

JRiver's multidisciplinary staff has backgrounds covering a variety of operating systems and network protocols, including Windows, Windows NT, Linux/UNIX, TCP/IP, Netware and many more. With years of experience developing clean source code for software products, we understand what it takes to move ideas from the drawing board to the marketplace.

JRiver's R&D team is currently committed to delivering the next generation of products and services, including extensions for our enhanced terminal emulation and network connectivity software, Internet and Intranet security products, electronic commerce and transaction-processing software and services.

JRiver's success is as much a story of relationship-building as it is technical achievement. Our international distribution network includes more than 50 distributors and several thousand authorized resellers in 35 countries. Our distributors and resellers are partners who not only promote and support our products, but work with us to understand and respond to the emerging needs of our customers. JRiver is committed to providing the product support, training, marketing support, and other services they need to succeed.


JRiver's main office is in Minneapolis. For complete information, click here.


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