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Connects Windows PC's to a UNIX Host via Serial Lines
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ICE.TEN is the serial version of ICE. Using serial lines to connect PC's to UNIX, it supports baud rates up to 115,200.  ICE.TEN provides complete terminal emulation yet requires little memory
ICE.TEN is now completely 32-bit.  You can check the software compatability here.
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ICE.TEN includes comprehensive terminal emulation for SCO ANSI Color Console,  AT&T605, VT102, VT220, IBM3151, AT386 ANSI Color Console (standard ANSI), Wyse60, and Wyse160 (including bitmap graphics  modes).  Color  is standard in all emulations.  ICE.TEN supports international character sets and keyboards.

ICE.TEN supports multiple sessions with a multi-screening utility (like SCO's mscreen).  Attributes (terminal emulation, screen colors, function keys, etc.) can be set independently for each session.  The configuration program lets you change terminal emulation, program keys, map characters, and set up printing.

ICE.TEN includes a file transfer program for DOS and above.  Windows3.x and higher use a GUI point-and-click interface.   ICE.TEN supports Z-modem, as well as normal and quoted X-modem, and Y-modem. Z-modem, and the quoted protocols, provide higher reliability for transfers using terminal servers or modems.

All ICE terminal emulations support Local Print, allowing you to print from a UNIX application to a locally-attached PC printer.  Local Print is fully integrated into the Windows Print Manager.

The ICE.TEN software is available for immediate purchase and electronic delivery from within itself using our Buy-Button technology.  You can download a 30-day Trialware version of the ICE.TEN software here
You can purchase safely and securely online with a Visa or a MasterCard.  The physical software will be shipped via UPS Ground so that you will have a hard copy for your use.  If you do not have a Visa or MasterCard, or if you prefer to purchase via e-mail or phone, please contact or call 612-677-8200 and press 0 for the operator.
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