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Connects Windows PC's to a UNIX Host via Serial Lines
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ICE.TEN is J. River's serial communication software package.

Updating ICE.TEN to the latest version of ICE.TEN

For customers that currently own an older version of ICE.TEN and would like to update that version to the latest, they can do so for $135.00USD*.  The part number is TENUP.  This update is for an unlimited number of PC's at one physical location.  Check compatibility here.

* This is the suggested retail price.  Prices will vary from country to country.

Note: All updates for J. River ICE software are full versions, just at a discounted price for current customers. 

A photocopy of the original ICE diskettes is required for any update.

There is not an update available to move from ICE.TEN to ICE.TCP PLUS or ICE.TCP Pro.  The TCP packages are separate and distinct products that work in different environements from ICE.TEN

Please contact or call 612-677-8200, and press 0 for the operator for more information about purchasing the ICE software.

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