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"One impressive TCP/IP suite"

   -- SCO World magazine

  • Compare ICE.TCP Pro to ICE.TCP PLUS Here are the differences.

ICE.TCP Pro is J. River's most powerful network connectivity package. It delivers flawless terminal emulation, easy file transfer, printing to and from Linux/UNIX, and automated network installation. Both its GUI and its features represent the latest technology. 

Affordability ICE.TCP Pro is simply the best value available for quality terminal emulation, file transfer, and network printing.

Flawless terminal emulation

This terminal emulation won't let you down.  It reproduces the functionality of a real terminal as closely as a PC's hardware will allow.

Terminal emulation types include SCO ANSI Color Console, AT&T605, VT100/102, VT220, IBM3151, AT386 ANSI Color Console (standard ANSI), Wyse60, Wyse160, and Linux Console!

  • TrueType fonts provide automatic resizing to any scale. 
  • Color is standard in all emulations, including Linux/UNIX setcolor sequences and 
  • ANSI color. Default colors may be selected by the user. 
  • 80 or 132-column by 25 or 43-line display. 
  • Multiple sessions with Linux/UNIX hosts. 
  • Attributes (terminal emulation, screen colors, function keys, and editing keys) can be set for each host. 
  • Manual and software in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. 
  • International character sets and keyboards are supported. 
Easy file transfer ICE.TCP Pro includes a Windows file transfer program that uses Windows file lists and a  point-and-click,  drag-and-drop interface. It can perform automated file transfers and anonymous logins.

Bi-directional printing ICE.TCP Pro offers multiple advanced printing methods. You can print from Linux/UNIX to network printers or from Windows to Linux/UNIX printers. ICE.TCP Pro includes industry-standard LPR and LPD printing.

32-bit support ICE.TCP Pro is fully 32-bit and delivers best performance for Windows 200x/XP/VISTA/Windows 7-11. A 16-bit Windows version is included for backwards compatibility but not supported.

ICE.TCP Pro has an automated network install that uses a central Windows machine (Windows 200x/XP/VISTA/Windows 7-11) as an installation server. Installation wizards transfer files to the local PC, manage the software licensing, configure ICE.TCP Pro's options, and can set up Microsoft TCP/IP. Default user configurations are automatically retrieved from the server. Sites with more than 10 users will find that this feature saves considerable time and provides better control.

Internet features ICE.TCP Pro allows a software developer, systems integrator, or network administrator to provide online application-specific or frequently-used information with Hyper links, and offers a configurable Hyper Help. ICE.TCP Pro provides Web links to J. River for updates and support.

ICE.TCP Pro provides extensive Web browser support. From a telnet session, active highlighting can activate a browser with a double click. From Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, ICE.TCP Pro may be set as the default telnet application.

Application and data integration ICE.TCP Pro provides multiple ways for users to integrate applications and data. 

Commands can be recorded as macros and played back.

Active Highlighting (automatic illumination of URL's such as or can be used to link applications by matching and highlighting any pattern and automatically running an associated program. The user can double click the highlighted word to run a browser, e-mail program, or other Windows application. Click here for an example.

ICE.TCP Pro includes auto-connect and auto-login. Auto-connect initiates a connection to a specified host. Auto-login securely stores and sends the user's login and password.

ICE.TCP Pro provides an API (Application Programming Interface) based on OLE Automation built on an Active-X control. A software developer can add code to any application that can access or control Pro's terminal emulation. A software developer can also embed the Active-X control in an application, using it as an embedded telnet object.

Note: Both the trial and the real versions require License Activation Keys

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