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Pro now works with Citrix and Terminal Server!




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A new thin-client solution for Citrix MetaFrame and MS Terminal Server can simplify installation of ICE.TCP Pro.

Access to business-critical applications and data This thin-client compatible version of J. River's industry leading ICE.TCP Pro software provides users with flawless terminal emulation, easy file transfer, and printing to and from Unix/Linux.

Simplify your set-up ICE.TCP Pro for Terminal Server/Citrix Metaframe allows administrators to centrally install the software for all users by installing a Terminal Server/Citrix license in the ICE.TCP Pro LicenseAdmin program. Users then have direct access to legacy applications on the Unix/Linux box. ICE.TCP Pro has flexible licensing for any combination of thin-client connections and Terminal Servers. Citrix/Terminal Server is supported in ICE.TCP Pro vers. 5.0.67 and above.

The software works with Windows NT 4.0 and Metaframe as well as Windows 2000 Advanced Server and MetaFrame, and is the most versatile and affordable solution for your thin-client and load-balancing needs.

Pricing begins at $1,500.00 for 10 PCs (unlimited servers) PRO TS/C-010.

For more pricing info, see the price list





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