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ICE.TEN Troubleshooting Guide

ICE.TEN is J. River's terminal emulation software that connects individual PCs via serial lines.


Before installing, make sure that you are using a version compatible with your Windows OS. Check our OS Compatibility chart.


Terminal Emulation

  1. ICE.TEN Loads, but will not Pop Up
  2. No Login Prompt and Nothing Appears on the Screen.
  3. Garbage Characters Appear in Dejavu/Dejawin.
  4. Screen DoesNot Clear When ICE.TEN is Activated
  5. ICE.TEN Does Not Work, or Works or Inconsistantly
  6. Funtion Keys or Arrow Keys Do Not Work
  7. System Specific Problems

File Transfer

  1. Trouble Shooting with Ucopy


  1. Local Print
  2. Trouble Shooting with Local Print
  3. Local Print is Not Working
  4. Local Print Using a DOS Printer Skips Pages
  5. Host Print
  6. Trouble Shooting with Host Print
  7. Failure to Print
  8. Printing Occurs, but the Output is Flawed

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