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ICE.TCP Pro Installation Notes

ICE.TCP Pro is J. River's newest terminal emulation software that connects individual PCs to Unix systems through local area networks. This troubleshooting guide will help administrators through the setup of ICE.TCP PRO's License PC.

  1. Overview of the Install Procedure
    1. Obtain a License Key (Activation Key)
    2. Perfom the Server Install
    3. Enter Licensing Information
    4. Configure IPAdmin (Optional)
    5. Perform a User Install on the Sever Pc
    6. Customize ICE.TCP Pro for the Users on your Network
    7. Share the TCP5_User Folder
  2. User Installation - Networking Available
    1. Install ICE.TCP PRO from the Server PC
    2. Configure ICE.TCP Pro using ConfigWizard
  3. User Installation - Networking Not Available
    1. Export License Information for the Remote PC's
    2. Copy the Required Server PC files to Export Floppy
    3. Run the User Install

pdf.gif (236 bytes) Note: Also available as a PDF document.

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