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Trialware Quick Start
This document was written specifically to aid you in installing the trialware version of ICE.TCP Pro. For complete information, please read the ICE.TCP Pro Trialware Manual, which is available at ftp://ftp.jriver.com/pub/downloads/pro-trialware-manual.pdf

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ICE.TCP Pro uses a convenient network installation procedure. Once ICE.TCP Pro is installed and the TCP5_User directory is made shareable on a network server (any Windows network drive accessible to other network users), any user (client) with peer-to-peer networking can install ICE.TCP Pro on his or her workstation directly from the server.

Server Install

Server Install, which should be performed by the network administrator, includes installation of IPAdmin™, LicenseAdmin™, and other administrative tools. (Typically, the ICE.TCP Pro server resides on the network administrator’s PC. A 32-bit operating system is required.) The administrator should also set up one or more configuration profiles for network users to install.

Installation of the ICE.TCP Pro server requires the network administrator to install ICE.TCP Pro files from the CD, run LicenseAdmin and IPAdmin to enter licensing and network information, and share the TCP5_User folder, which contains the setup program and files for the network client install procedure.

After completing the server installation, the network administrator can use the network client install procedure to install ICE.TCP Pro programs, then run Telnet Pro to set up one or more configuration profiles for other clients to install.

The following procedure assumes that Windows networking is installed and activated.

Step 1: Install ICE.TCP Pro Files on a Network Drive

From the Admin Install Files folder on the ICE.TCP Pro CD, run the Setup program, which sets up folders and copies files to the ICE.TCP Pro server. Any Windows network drive accessible to other network users can be used as the ICE.TCP Pro server.

When the ICE.TCP Pro server is installed — the default location is C:\Program Files\J River\ICETCP5 Server — two folders are created: TCP5 Admin, containing administrative programs (LicenseAdmin and IPAdmin), and TCP5_User, containing the folders and files needed for installation on client PCs.

Step 2: Enter Licensing Information

Using the Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/VISTA Start command, run the LicenseAdmin program.

In the LicenseAdmin dialog box, enter the name of your organization, using the organization’s exact name as submitted to J. River, Inc. with your serial number.

Enter the license key provided by J. River, Inc. exactly as it appears, using the same combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. Click OK to save. (Although this is the only time this particular dialog box appears, LicenseAdmin can be used later to add additional license keys and edit your company name.)

Exit the LicenseAdmin program by clicking the Exit button.

Step 3: Configure Network Information (Optional)

Use the Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/VISTA Start command to run the IPAdmin program.

IPAdmin lets you configure, if necessary, the following network information: Domain Name, Subnet Mask, Low-Range IP Address, High-Range IP Address, Name Servers, WIN Servers, Gateways, and Reserved IP Addresses. Make sure to reserve IP addresses currently in use by UNIX and other computers that already have been assigned IP addresses or will not be running ICE.TCP Pro.

For multiple subnets, use the Save As button to save network information for each subnet in a different file.

After configuring and saving network information, exit the IPAdmin program.

Step 4: Share the TCP5_User Folder

To make the TCP5_User folder accessible for network client installation, it must be shared with the network.

Find the TCP5_User folder — the default location is C:\Program Files\J River\ICETCP5 Server\TCP5_User — and click on it with the right (auxiliary) mouse button. In the pop-up menu, select Sharing, which displays a Properties dialog box for configuring a shared folder.

Click on the Shared As radiobutton to share the directory. A different Share Name can be assigned to the directory, although the default (TCP5_User) is recommended. The Shared Name is the name other

network users will see when they access the directory during the network client install procedure.

For the Access Type setting, select Full.

Assign a password for the shared folder. Network users will be required to enter the password when mapping the folder during the network client install procedure.

Close the Properties dialog box. When the TCP5_User folder is shared, it displays the name entered in the Share Name field.

ICE.TCP Pro can now be installed on network PCs as described in "Network Client Install" below. The network administrator must use the network client install procedure to install Version 5.1, then run Telnet Pro to configure one or more default configuration profiles for other 5.1 users to install. (See "Setting Up Configuration Profiles.")

Network Client Install

Network Client Install is a quick and simple process that, in most cases, can be performed by the user. A sequence number, a default configuration profile , and TCP/IP are configured automatically during the network client install process. (If TCP/IP networking already exists, the TCP/IP configuration component can be disabled.)

Step 1: Install ICE.TCP Pro from the Server

Use the following procedure to map a network drive to the TCP5_User folder (on the ICE.TCP Pro server) and run the Setup program to install ICE.TCP Pro files.

NOTE: In the following examples, the name ICEserver is used as the name of the computer where the ICE.TCP Pro server resides (typically the network administrator’s PC). In place of ICEserver, use the name provided by the administrator.

Select Start > Find > Computer and enter (for example) ICEserver. Double-click to open ICEserver. Click on the TCP5_User folder using the right (auxiliary) mouse button. Select Map Network Drive. Select a drive letter, make sure the Reconnect at Login checkbox is activated, and click OK.

If prompted, enter a login name (the user’s network name) and, if required, the password for the shared TCP5_User folder (as provided by the network administrator).

When the folder opens, run the Setup program. By default, Setup installs the ICE.TCP programs in the C:\Program Files\J River\ICETCP5 directory then automatically runs the configuration program ConfigWizard.

Step 2: Configure ICE.TCP Pro Using ConfigWizard

ConfigWizard is used to obtain a sequence number, select a default configuration profile (Version 5.1 only), and configure TCP/IP.

ConfigWizard performs the tasks sequentially. Checkboxes are provided to activate or deactivate

each task. Click the Next button to move to the next dialog box. Click the Previous button to return to a preceding dialog box. To exit ConfigWizard, click the Exit button.

NOTE: If TCP/IP networking already exists, deactivate the TCP/IP configuration function in ConfigWizard.

Sequence Number

ICE.TCP Pro’s administrative programs automatically assign and keep track of sequence numbers for client PCs. ConfigWizard uses LicenseAdmin’s configuration files to obtain an available sequence number. The Name field displays the user’s name. Optionally, additional information, such as phone extension, can be entered in the Comments field. Versions prior to 5.1.28 require an entry in the Comments field.

Configuration Profile

To launch Telnet Pro, a configuration profile is needed to define settings for screen appearance, keyboard, printing, terminal emulation, and advanced features such as links and macros. Click on the list to select one profile to use in getting started with Telnet Pro. Later, additional profiles can be created to customize the setup. See "Working with Configuration Profiles" in Chapter 3 of the manual for more information.

Telnet Pro comes pre-configured with one default profile. Additional profiles can be set up and made available to users during client install. (See "Setting Up Configuration Profiles" in the manual for more information.)


Depending on your network setup, one or more IP configurations may be displayed in the dialog box. Click to select the appropriate user group (in many cases, simply the default group). ConfigWizard automatically configures TCP/IP.

After configuring the sequence number, configuration profile, and TCP/IP, click Finished to complete the client install procedure and exit ConfigWizard. ConfigWizard will display a prompt asking permission to reboot the PC (to activate TCP/IP).

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