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Setting up Global Profiles in ICE.TCP Pro 5.1

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ICE.TCP Pro 5.1 allows for Adminstrators on Windows 200x/XP/Vista/Windows 7 to create global profiles for all users on a workstation to use, without having to set each one up individually.

Creating the Profile

As the administrator, launch Telnet Pro and goto Profiles -> Organize Profiles.

Then click add to create your new profile, and give it a name.

Next, highlight your new profile and hit open. This will allow you to configure your profile as needed.

Export your Profile

Once your profile is configured the way you want it, you will need to export it to a file. This is done simply by highlighting the desired profile and hitting the export button.

You want to save your new profile in the ICETCP5 directory. This is also where the TelnetPro executable is located. It is important that you save your file with a g_ at the beginning of the filename. If you do not add this, the profile will not become global.

Using your Global Profile

Now when you log in as a user on your Windows 200x/XP workstation/Vista/Windows 7 PC and launch Telnet Pro, you will see our newly created profile available.

If you only wanted to have one profile available, you can either delete the Default, or name your global profile "Default." Naming it Default would overwrite the one supplied with Telnet Pro.

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