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ICE.NFS Troubleshooting Guide
  1. General Information
    1. System Requirements
  2. Setting Up ICE.NFS
    1. PCNFSD Not Installed
    2. DNS Not Installed
    3. No Connect Using the ICE.NFS Wizard
  3. File Access
    1. "Access Denied" Message After Entering Login
    2. "Access Denied" Message When Mounting a Drive-- PCNFSD Running, Permissions Correctly Defined
    3. Unable to Access Some Files Residing on the Server
    4. As Root, Some Files Not Accessible
    5. Protecting Files from Certain Users
    6. Permissions Settings in "Advanced"
  4. Performance Issues
    1. ICE.NFS Reads Quickly, Writes Slowly
    2. Performance Worsens with Deeper Directory Trees
    3. Long Delays and Error Messages When Working Heavily UNIX
    4. ICE.NFS Fails Without a DNS Running
    5. \\server\SHAREXX Appears Instead of Correct Name of UNIX Directory

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