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Euro ( € ) Font Support

The Euro fonts

Products: ICE.TCP Pro (version 4.4), ICE.Off.Site (16 bit) and ICE.TEN (16 bit)

Usage: If you have a version of ICE.TCP Pro that is older then 5.0.76, or if you need the Euro symbol in the 16-bit version(s) of ICE.

People with older versions of ICE.TCP Pro may also update to the current version in order to get the appropriate fonts.

1) Download the "Eufont16.zip" file.
2) Delete the existing fonts in your ICE.TCP or ICETCP4 directory.

      ICE43700.fon, ICE8500.fon, ICE8520.fon

3) Extract the 3 font files to the appropriate directory.
4) Reboot your PC.

If you can not replace or delete the fonts in either directory, you may have to reboot your PC first. This is because Windows will not let you replace files that are in memory.

In ICE.TCP (16-bit) the default directory path is:
    \Program Files\ICE.TCP

In ICE.TEN (16-bit) the default directory path is:
    \Program Files\ICE.TEN

In ICE.TCP Pro (version 4.4) the default directory path is:
    \Program Files\J River\ICETCP4

Download: Eufont16.zip

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